About Us

The PC/M Advantage

PC/M Consulting, LLC (PC/M) is a certified small business firm providing comprehensive cost and time management services.

We provide the full spectrum of architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical expertise which allows PC/M to maintain a high degree of control over consistency, quality, and accountability. We work with a diversity of owners, program managers, architects and construction professionals to serve clients in a variety of markets.

PC/M's mission is simple... "We're not trying to be the biggest, or the fastest growing... We're trying to be the best." This commitment is upheld by everyone in the firm and on every project we do. We are dedicated to be the clients advocate and serving their best interests.

We commit the full extent of our resources to every project, and we make ourselves available to our clients day and night. Our name is linked to the job we do and we take that very seriously. Let PC/M make the difference on your next project.


Daniel Radcliff